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Consumers’ Social Media Attitudes

Marketing v. Customer Service

Digital #media professionals understand how important it is for their clients to have a strong, reliable #socialmedia presence and the need for our clients to engage with #consumers who find them on social media platforms. The clients mostly seem to agree and even if they don’t, the old ‘if we build it they will come’ adage seems to be a strong argument for marketing departments to experiment in the social media space rather than against it. But do their consumers agree?

Allstate and National Journal surveyed 1,000 adults 18 and older this May to explore how Americans incorporate social media into their consumer and community behaviors. Nearly two out of three American adults surveyed said they used social media in the last month. The research also indicated that while customers expect and appreciate being able to find their favorite brands on social media platforms, they seems to disagree both with the motives and which function within the companies should have a reign over their social media accounts. Nearly two-thirds of consumers believe that major brands use social media to advertise, promote themselves, increase their own success, and collect data about their customers. Same two-thirds of the respondents believe companies should use social media for customer service functions rather than marketing.

This makes us think that brands should strive to adjust the ratio of promotional messages they include in their social media communications so that there is more room for interaction and expression of empathy to their customers’ issues as well as evidence of resolving those issues. Social media empowers customers to become brand ambassadors for your client’s companies and customer service teams are corporate ambassadors to customers. Which means that customer service function has to have a seat at the corporate social media strategy table.