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Social Media Marketing

Social media is the new web. As consumers spend more and more time on social media sites, organizations have no choice but to follow them where they are.

Social platforms empower brands to directly engage their customers, research and influence their sentiment, establish two-way relationships, and promote personalized content that, with some luck, can go viral and bring back organic traffic.

Our Social Media Packages


Strategy & Implementation

  • Strategy development
  • Audience/customer segment research
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Platform selection
  • Profile/page implementation
  • Editorial calendar development



Engagement & Conversations

  • Content creation and updates
  • Targeted campaigns and reporting
  • Custom app/engagement tools development
  • Engagement and reporting
  • Reputation/sentiment monitoring
  • Crisis management


Our Process

OGI social media experts will work with people throughout your organization to discover, understand, and document your social media engagement needs, goals, and opportunities; learn about your target audience segments and their social media habits; and, finally, develop a social media marketing strategy as well as social media use policies and practices that will guarantee long-term success.


OGI social media experts will engage stakeholders throughout your organization to develop a custom social media strategy tailored to meet your organization’s objectives. We will start with stakeholder and team interviews and conduct an audit of your current social media accounts and campaigns, research of your current social media policies, and benchmarking analysis of your competition. Then we will employ social media best practices to create a strategy that fuses your branding with content and engagement goals to create robust social media presence. We will work with your web, marketing, communications, and customer service teams to align social your media marketing efforts with your corporate strategy. The social media strategy we’ll develop during this phase will become the guiding document for managing your social media accounts.


Most business realized early on that they needed a website to be found on the Internet. With the advent of social media, you brand needs effective social media presence to engage its customers. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of social media platforms. This means that your customers have many different venues to interact with your brand, but they will not necessarily engage in a conversation if your social media marketing efforts are scattered and disorganized.

Your social media presence should be aligned with your web presence. Coherent branding is key to setting expectations and should be consistent across all digital channels. Your social media branding also needs to be aligned with your organization’s mission, vision, goals, and the branding of products or services you provide.

Guided by social media strategy, we will work with your web, marketing, communications, and customer service teams to establish or optimize your social media presence and branding to align them with your customers’ expectations and your branding across other digital channels. This may include creating and optimizing social media accounts/pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media platforms; harmonizing logos, icons, and slogans; socializing websites and tweaking their look-and-feel; creating blogs and forums as well as developing custom apps and other engagement tools (polls, surveys, contests, etc.)


OGI expert social media experts will manage your social profiles for you in a consistent manner, combining cutting-edge tools and social media best practices with engaging your internal resources and expertise whenever possible. We will consistently implement effective content generation, curation, and promotion as well as listening and response tactics across social media channels based on the social media strategy we developed. We will purposefully engage your social media audiences, promote conversations, and foster ongoing relationships on your behalf.

Following agreed upon editorial calendar, we will design and implement marketing campaigns centered around content that attracts attention and inspires social media friends and followers to share it with their friends. Our carefully crafted brand message will spread from person to person and resonate with them because it will be coming from a personal friend or a trusted third-party source.

We will generate routine social media reports based on the matrices and insights data defined in the social media strategy. We will regularly meet with your web, marketing, communications, and customer service teams to solicit input and collaborate on the editorial calendar and future content. We will also stay on top of the latest trends in social media and recommend making adjustments to your social media strategy as needed.

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Social media is the new web. Let us show you how you can directly engage your customers, research and influence their sentiment, establish two-way relationships, and foster conversations!
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