Social Media Marketing and FB

Fad or Gold Standard

According to recent DigiCareers #survey results, more than 92% of #socialmedia marketing professionals currently use #Facebook. Among these users, 58% access Facebook multiple times a day, 71% access it daily, and 95% access it at least weekly.

77% of participants believe that Facebook meets a consumer need to have an ability for individuals to communicate with each other. Similar percentage of social media marketing professionals believes that Facebook’s advertising is targeted (71%) and that the company provides innovative services (70%).

However, the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook remains anybody’s guess. Less than one-half of social media marketing professionals (49%) believe Facebook will be a major force in online advertising and less than one-quarter (23%) believe advertising on Facebook is currently effective.

Currently, 38% of social media marketers have or are currently conducting an advertising campaign on Facebook for their business or their customers’ business. Of those, 90% of the campaigns are B2C, with the balance focusing on B2B activity.

Among those advertising on Facebook, nearly a half (47%) stated they are likely to recommend advertising on Facebook to a business or colleague. 50% of all advertisers stated they either concluded a campaign or decided not to advertise on Facebook based on the results of a prior campaign.

While 25% of social media marketing professionals believe Facebook is a fad, no one can get fired over recommendation to engage Facebook users. With 901 million monthly active users, more than 125 billion friend connections, and 3.2 billion Likes and Comments per day, the social network is going strong even after the lackluster IPO.

On social media, your brand message can spread from person-to-person, increase your brand recognition, and resonate because it will appear to come from a friend. Learn more about turning monologues into conversations on our website at