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More than 70% of the planet’s population do not speak English. As businesses and organizations look to expand into global markets, reach new audiences, and increase international transactions and outreach, quality of translation, localization, and interpreting services they use is directly linked to their success.

OGI provides expert translation and localization services in English, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and other global languages. We deliver accurate and timely translations of official, business, technical, marketing, and instructional documents. OGI experts specialize in translation and localization of websites and digital marketing campaigns. We also offer effective simultaneous, consecutive, and escort interpreting services for conferences, seminars, training sessions, business negotiations, and trips.

Our level of accuracy, reliability, customer care, effective project management, and quality control has earned us the trust of our customers. We select team members with best qualifications for each project and our workflow ensures that critical documents are not only translated but also edited or proofread by a native speaker of the target language. At the end each project, we solicit customer feedback about all aspects of the project and ask clients to complete a customer satisfaction survey.

Document Translation

OGI provides high-quality budget-friendly official, business, educational, technical, and marketing document translation services. We will work with a wide range of documents: from certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and reports to contracts and curriculums to marketing brochures and presentations in almost any file format. When needed, the translated documents can be provided with a certificate of translation accuracy or notarized.

Interpreting Services

OGI offers high-quality competitively priced simultaneous, consecutive, escort, and phone interpreters services that will make your event, meeting, or trip a success. Our language experts are available in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, throughout State of Florida, and can travel anywhere in the United States.

Website Translation and Localization

More than 33% of all Internet users are not native English speakers. As companies and organizations look to expand into global markets, reach new audiences, and increase international transactions, website translation and localization are directly tied to their online business ROI.

Going beyond translation, our website localization process incorporates modifying or making recommendations regarding website content (including vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style, colors, images, and icons), IA, UI, and sometimes design to make it usable and culturally appropriate to target international audiences. If requested, we can also provide website usability and accessibility testing services to ensure a perfect fit with the new culture or market. OGI language and culture experts can work with you whether you have a content management system or not. You can just provide us with the source files and we will return translated or localized files ready for upload.

SEM/SEO Translation and Localization

Launching a multilingual website is the first step in establishing global presence. The next equally important step is localizing your digital marketing to achieve visibility in language or market-specific search engines, advertising networks, etc.

OGI offers language or market-specific search engine marketing and search engine optimization services to our global clients. Our multilingual SEO services include keyword research and localization, page optimization, local domain/hosting service selection, localized link building, and language or market-specific search engine targeting. Going beyond translation, our SEM campaign localization process incorporates keyword research and localization, ad content transcreation, landing page design, and language or market-specific campaign management services.

Finally, OGI language and social media experts will help you develop and implement a language- or market-specific social media strategy, including local social networks research, audience segmentation research, social media profile and page creation or localization, and culturally appropriate social media campaigns/engagement tools development.

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Translation, Editing, Proofing

  • Certificates and licenses
  • Diplomas and transcripts
  • Contracts and correspondence
  • Course materials and presentations
  • Marketing materials
  • Certification and notarization



Events, Meetings, Conversations

  • Simultaneous, specialized
  • Simultaneous, general subjects
  • Consecutive, specialized
  • Consecutive, general subjects
  • Escort
  • Over-the-phone



Translation & Localization

  • Localization Strategy
  • Content translation
  • Content localization
  • Image and icon localization
  • Navigation and IA localization
  • UI and UX localization
  • Localization engineering



Translation & Localization

  • Keyword research
  • Ad transcreation
  • Landing page transcreation
  • Local search engine research
  • Local search engine optimization
  • Local social media research
  • Local social media targeting


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