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Whether you conduct your business online or operate a physical location, your website is an important and cost-effective tool to promote your services or products.

At OGI, we design and build custom professional websites for small businesses, individuals, and non-profits in Los Angeles, CA, or anywhere in the United States. When you need an appealing and usable custom site, ask us for a quote. We excel at recommending the most effective approached and building the right websites for our clients’ needs.

Whether you are looking to establish effective online presence, to redesign and optimize existing website, or for webmaster services to maintain and update your current website, OGI delivers quality cost-effective solutions that fit your needs.

Development and Redesign Packages

Our creative team enjoys the challenge of putting their extensive information architecture, user experience design, and web development expertise to work for the largest and the smallest of our clients. We will plan, design, develop, and implement each website with care, quality, and your goals and vision in mind.



  • Hosting selection
  • Domain registration
  • Standard templates
  • Limited content and image editing
  • Basic social media integration
  • Basic web analytics integration




  • Semi-custom templates
  • Content and image editing
  • Limited IA/UX design
  • Limited social media integration
  • Limited web analytics integration
  • Basic payment/shopping cart



Online Business

  • Custom templates
  • Content and image editing
  • IA/UX design
  • Social media integration
  • Web analytics integration
  • SEO/SEM integration
  • Custom functionality
  • Advanced payment/shopping cart



Website Upgrade

  • Content re-creation
  • Layout and design updates
  • IA/UX optimization
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Social media integration
  • Web analytics integration
  • Custom functionality changes
  • Platform/WCMS migration


Our Website Maintenance Plans

If you are a small business, non-profit, or school without a full-time webmaster, keeping your website content current can be a challenge. Our competent and dedicated professionals will make timely and reliable updates to your website with personal attention and customer service you deserve.


Pay As You Go

  • Content and image updates
  • Social media updates
  • SEO/SEM updates
  • Web analytics updates
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media campaigns



Monthly Contract

  • Content and image updates
  • Look-and-feel/navigation changes
  • Social media updates/monitoring
  • SEO/SEM changes and reporting
  • Analytics changes and reporting
  • Email campaigns and reporting
  • Social media campaigns/reporting


Our Process

A successful website is born from combining consistent methodology, comprehensive strategy, clearly defined goals, and clear understanding of its target audience and their needs.


Strategy development is a critical step in creating a successful website that will contribute to your organization’s goals. Many factors need to be considered before content, functionality, information architecture, user experience, and look and feel of your website or application are designed:

  • What is your purpose for the site? Do you want to provide information, promote your organization or a cause, offer a service, or sell a product?
  • What do you need to accomplish by building this web site? Do you plan to make money, to share information, or to promote your visibility?
  • Is there a specific group of people that are your target audience, customers, or constituents?
  • What information or features will your users be looking for on your site?
  • What are your industry leaders and competition doing online?

During the planning phase, we work with you to create your customers personas; brainstorm and document desired functionality, features, and content; select technology; and finalize the budget. We will help you to benchmark and make sure that your aspirations are consistent with or exceed expectations your users may have based on their experience with similar websites.


Our experts will work with you to create a design that converts visits into actions. We will carefully craft your website, molding its purpose, audience, and content into unique structure, functionality, and design.

We will create a content inventory, information maps, and make content a centerpiece of your website user experience design. You online customers and visitors will appreciate a clear, consistent message that connects and fosters a relationship with your target audience. You web team will appreciate a clear vision of what content is featured on your website, how often it needs to be updated, and who is responsible for it.

We will create sitemaps, modular break-ups, and other related documents to visualize your website’s hierarchical structure, effective navigation, and labeling systems.

We will create linear user flow diagrams that show predetermined sequences of steps your users take to achieve their goals by navigating your website. If your website is transaction-oriented, we will create use case scenarios and data models to support them.

Along with planning your website overall structure, we will visualize layouts and interfaces of individual pages as wireframes or static visual mock-ups. For some projects, we may create a dynamic prototype to show how your finished website design will fit together and appear to your visitors.

We will also help you to plan ahead for any future modifications and expansions as well as set to measurable goals and KPI’s for your success.


Our artful web designers will carefully craft static pages of your website using standard-compliant HTML, CSS, and JS. Our skillful developers will create dynamic web application modules using PHP, ASP.NET, or Java and connected them to the appropriate databases. Throughout the development process, we will follow appropriate programming/application security best practices and conduct rigorous code reviews.


Every website page template will be tested on several generations of popular browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. The dynamic application modules will be black and white-box tested to ensure error-free functionality. For high-stake projects, we will conduct usability and/or user acceptance tests before the final product is delivered to you. We will also integrate a web analytics package of your choice to help you keep track of the website performance and user behavior.


After the warranty period, our highly skilled and knowledgeable experts will provide content updates or functionality modifications as additional service. We will make the requested updates as quickly and efficiently as possible, with an average turnaround time of 24-48 hours for updates and 1-2 weeks for dynamic functionality changes.

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Whether you are looking to develop a website or application, to redesign or optimize existing one, or for webmaster services to maintain it, we’ll deliver a quality solution that fits your needs.
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